15 June 2015


as you may have noticed, it's been awhile
we've been through a season of fullness (to say the least)
fullness with work, children and everything in between
it's a balancing act

this new role as mother ("ma ma") has moved me
you strive to be perfect, yet fall short
you try to keep up with everything you did before
but barely graze the surface
(note: the sweet praises homepage still says "happy new year".. it's june)
i've learned that i have to prioritize differently
shift perspective
and just be

His grace 
has renewed my soul in so many ways
in all sincerity, what would we do without it?

these two
their wit and love is beyond what i could ever humanly express
this is where He has called me
i'm certain
every single day presents a new gift (and challenge)

the journey of motherhood is not easy
for that, i'm certain
i'm thankful to be surrounded by an incredible network of women
first and foremost, mother (that swedish heritage .. she loves and works like no other)
mops international, a beautiful organization i have grown enormously fond of
dearest, loving friends
a few inspirational blog mommy's who have posted real, transparent posts that just fill you with joy,
giggles over a diaper change gone wrong,
and reassurance that you're not alone

to all, i'm forever indebted

 heartfelt archives:

jennifer senior, a ted talk shared amongst a group of friends
a post by kara about thriving (not just surviving)
a blog that i visit quite frequently to read her beautiful, lifting words about simplifying
a bookmark from heidi st. john - His word calms the anxious heart
anything from kid president - this one especially
rachel from "finding joy" - a steady stream of wisdom

this year, our mops group listened to a lovely speaker, mandy arioto
she spoke about how to raise brave children
a topic i find especially interesting with the demands & influence of the world we live in
she shared a quote from g.k. chesterton that i refer to quite often,

"fairy tales are more than true - not because they tell us dragons exist,
but because they tell us dragons can be beaten."

whatever the challenge is, have hope
today and everyday

p.s. the photographs are from when p&p turned 1 (.. they are 17 months)
new photos to come!

27 November 2014

thanksgiving thoughts


sitting down to enjoy my first cup of coffee (at last!) and take in the sweet aroma that fills the kitchen
taking this moment to just be

i'm overwhelmed with joy
joy for this day
warm home 
family, friends and giggly children

my dear sister in Christ, sarah, sent me a beautiful email this week
i thought that it was perfectly fitting for today
in my reply, i noted that we are long past freshly fallen leaves here in the north
she has such a sweet spirit and a way with words

 as you gather with your dear ones today
may God fill your heart with abundant joy 

from sarah:

As the season of Autumn slowly closes upon us, we enter into a season of gratitude. We watch the leaves around us change into an array of colors as God dips his paintbrush in reds and yellows and paints the world around us with a sense of warmth. My children stand in amazement watching the maple tree behind our house change from green to red almost over night.

"Look mommy! Look what God did last night while we were sleeping! He painted the leaves!"

I am envious of their childlike gratitude as they look at the tree in admiration of God's beautiful palette of colors He has chosen this season. They gather this multitude of colors in their tiny hands and throw them in the air as they squeal with delight. I pray in that moment for the Lord, the Creator of this Autumn rainbow, to fill my heart with the delight my children seem to so easily see and grasp. 

It is often said that children need very few toys. It is a well known fact that these little blessings from the Lord are often more content with turning a big cardboard box into a playhouse than they are a new doll. When my eldest daughter received her first American girl doll for her birthday this year, she spent more time that day turning the box into a house for the doll than she did playing with the actual doll.

The Bible speaks of having faith like a child, but I would even suggest we take that a step further. Perhaps our hearts would be more content if we learned to also have a heart of gratitude like these little children on loan to us from God: to marvel at the pile of red leaves, to watch more sunsets, to just simply slow down and gaze at God's amazing creation. As those final red and yellow leaves fall from their almost bare branches, let us also fall to our knees in thanksgiving. 

This season of Thanksgiving, may God continue to transform our hearts into ones full of gratitude for all He has done and all He has created. It is my prayer this season, that as God continues to sanctify our hearts, that thankfulness naturally flows from our hearts to the words that fall off our lips.

 "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; 
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

04 November 2014

eight (nine) months

the little girl who always has a twinkle in her eye
crawling, standing and moving to and from
becoming quite a "daddy's girl"  
her feisty spirit (and will) is starting to show - oh, dear!
adores swimming class, all things social, peekaboo barn, sparkles, ribbons and buttons

the sweetest little boy
always checking in during playtime for a hug or snuggle
took his first step and greeted two new bottom teeth - hooray!
loves to climb, flip through (or rip pages out of) books and explore mommy's office

this life with p&p is a wild adventure
we wouldn't have it any other way

happy eight/nine months, loves!


photographs by
stephanie dehler photography

26 September 2014


"How nice to be surprised by subtlety. To stumble across genuine beauty, true sincerity without overt attempts to impress. Understated elegance that leaves room to imagine, to think, to decide for ourselves, to appreciate. Films and other art forms that give us spaces of silence to feel, to sigh. Speeches, sermons, and writing that reflect true craftsmanship, convincing us that so much more was meant to be said.

My plea in a nutshell? More originals, fewer copies. More creativity, less technology. More implying, less explaining. More thought, less talk. Someone put it like this:
'To state with restraint . . . for greater effect.' That's what understatement means. As in 'I love you.'
 Next time you're tempted to say too much, just say that."

- Charles Swindoll

03 September 2014


"let the dew of my presence refresh your mind and heart. so many, many things vie for your attention in this complex world of instant communication. the world has changed enormously since I first gave the command to be still, and know that I am God. however, this timeless truth is essential for the well-being of your soul. as dew refreshes grass and flowers during the stillness of the night, so My Presence revitalizes you as you sit quietly with Me.

a refreshed, revitalized mind is able to sort out what is important and what is not. in its natural condition, your mind easily gets stuck on trivial matters. like the spinning wheels of a car trapped in mud, the cogs of your brain spin impotently when you focus on a trivial thing. as soon as you start communicating with Me about the matter, your thoughts gain traction and you can move on to more important things. communicate with Me continually, and I will put My thoughts in your mind."

Jesus Calling 
psalm 46:10; luke 10:39-42;
1 corinthians 14:33

17 August 2014

seven months

fond of all things that glitter 
loves to play with her nursery friends - particularly mister rabbit (puppet)
is known to throw her head back and flash a big, dramatic smile

downward dogs, side planks (oh, yes)
this one is off in the blink of an eye - explorer extraordinaire
daddy (and the puppies) win the biggest giggles

happy seven months, loves!


prescott's flower hair clip

08 August 2014

romping around the nursery

our new woolie friends were a lovely gift from auntie
prescott's romper (she just adores the tassels and pom pom trim!) is brass razoo