17 April 2014


as we all put the finishing touches on the details of our Easter gatherings,
may we put aside moments to be still
and reflective
of the beauty
the miracle

 these two little ones have opened my heart to a whole new dimension of love and adoration for Christ
for what Jesus endured on that cross
His one and only son
for you
for me
for all of us

let's put our hands in the open palms of Jesus
in eternal communion .. forever


You stood before my failure
and carried the cross for my shame
my sin weighed upon Your shoulders
my soul now to stand

so what could i say?
and what could i do?
but offer this heart, oh God
completely to You

so i'll walk upon salvation
Your spirit alive in me
this life to declare Your promise
my soul now to stand

i'll stand
with arms high and heart abandoned
in awe of the One who gave it all
i'll stand
my soul Lord to You surrendered
all i am is Yours

lyrics, "the stand" - Hillsong UNITED

14 April 2014

3 months

these two are quite the pair

prescott, our little girl, "baby"
she warms our heart with the biggest smiles
a gentle, sweet disposition
so aware of her brother, she loves her "playdates" with him
and dancing in the sitting room with mommy

pearce, our spirited boy, "fierce pearce"
he has this excitable smile that just makes you laugh
passionate - knows exactly what he wants
a natural adventurer and explorer (just like his daddy) .. taking in every sight and sound
and one that loves his snuggles


a love so amazing
forever ours, forever grateful

happy three months, loves!

17 March 2014


be amazed.

"As I started looking, I found more and more."

- Valerie Steele

15 March 2014

photograph & cake pedestal via: Herriot Grace

today, we're celebrating the 2nd birthday of sweet praises!
we're grateful for all of your love this past year!

peace & joy,
the sweet praises family

13 March 2014

2 months

we spent the morning cheek to cheek while listening to ella & louis

prescott continues to impress with her eating and sleeping 
she has a content, independent little spirit
her pouty lip and dainty hands are common observations by all

pearce is quite the personality - so many facial expressions 
he loves his baby bj√∂rn and tummy time 
hours spent gazing as the light trickles in through the windows


listening to jazz with mommy has you both wiggling
while story time with daddy has you smiling

happy two months, loves!

10 March 2014


Throughout these Lenten days and nights
we turn to walk the inward way,
where, meeting Christ, our guide and light,
we live in hope till Easter day.

The pilgrim Christ, the Lamb of God,
who found in weakness greater power,
embraces us, though lost and flawed,
 and leads us to his rising hour.

We bear the silence, cross and pain
of human burdens, human strife,
while sisters, brothers help sustain
our courage till the feast of life.

And though the road is hard and steep,
the Spirit ever calls us on
through Calvary's dying, dark and deep,
until we see the coming dawn.

So let us choose the path of one
who wore for us the crown of thorn,
and slept in death that we might wake
to life on Resurrection Morn!

Rejoice, O Sons and daughters! Sing
and shout hosannas! Raise the strain!
For Christ, whose death Good Friday brings,
on Easter day will live again!

James Gertmenian, 1947

04 March 2014


be open.

"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

- Roald Dahl