29 October 2011

sightseeing with friends

happy birthday, m'lady!

we celebrated the 125th birthday of miss lady liberty, yesterday
a sunny fall day
we shared the afternoon with our dear friends who are in town 
(first two pictures were taken by chad & lindsay)

as you'll see we were mini-versions of miss liberty
taking yourself seriously is overrated


ellis island was fascinating
how stunning the tile is on the ceiling of the registry room
a room that immigrants filled for over two decades,
 anticipating their journey and new life on american soil
the hall was grand, indeed

 my family heritage in america began with the names:
trebnik, halvorson, bjork & santrach


late in the week we visited the 9/11 memorial
through the somber, thick air we touched the names inscribed around the memorial pools
heartbreaking, yet beautifully done
in honor of so many lives & legacies lost on that fateful day


the last picture is the beloved pear tree that the city named,
"survivor tree"
workers managed to save the tree amongst the surrounding debris
it was moved to the bronx and nursed back to health

 keating crown, a survivor of the south tower, said as it was replanted next to the memorial pools,
"it reminds us all of the capacity of the human spirit to perservere."


(from top to bottom)
 lady liberty
  nerd alert 
  a serious moment
  okay, we'll take our crowns off for just one picture
 nerd alert (times four five, lindsay's expecting!)
  a glimpse of the registry room 
  empty sky 9/11 memorial honoring the lives of those lost from new jersey
  memorial pool, ground zero
  so fitting (we're always taking pictures)
  survivor tree

18 October 2011

philadelphia, part two

just a few more pictures from our lovely weekend in philadelphia

a visit to where our founding fathers worshipped, "the nation's church"
quaint side streets
smell of crisp air
the final resting place of benjamin franklin and four other signers of 
the declaration of independence
(we tossed our pennies for good luck!)

 moving beyond words

15 October 2011

philadelphia, part one

we love you
you're a pretty city

a city rich with history
fabulous architecture
really good cheesesteaks

we stood before the magnificent liberty bell
walked the grounds where so many were inspired 
 stood in the very room that our founding fathers penned 
the declaration of independence and the united states constitution

may those words forever ring true

13 October 2011

family in town, hooray!

how thankful are we!

here are just a few snapshots of our time together!

taking in the vibrant, autumn colors
a stop at katz's deli (the best pastrami .. ever!)
last night we attended war horse
a breathtaking performance 
beautifully done!
(the music, oh the music .. no words. listen to a preview: here!)

10 October 2011

our little life, lately

 austin's friend from our visit to the orchard
 fresh brew
 homemade caramel underway
 starbucks - pumpkin spice
 somebody got a haircut - a really bad haircut (we still think he's the cutest thing)!
 pumpkin pie & dinner with friends 
 under the weather